Our Clients and Guests are the Best!

We love our event customers. They come to us with a vision of how they want their event to turn out, whether its a Wedding/Wedding Reception, Military Ball, Meeting or Convention, and we work hard to make their dreams come true. We love making you guys happy! This week we have been flooded with thank you emails from past events and we want to share them with you.


I have to say we had SUCH a great experience, our event well surpassed our expectations!  The room was set beautifully, I was greeted by Teresa & then later Ms. Wanda and they were SO attentive and helped with my 3 or 4 last minute requests with a smile and great expediency.  Such a great team you have!  They addressed our guest so professionally and friendly; they were just lovely and their service and attention to detail flawless.

The food… please tell chef we had some tough critics – great cooks from the Philippines, Africa and the Caribbean and they were completely wow’d!  Everything was totally delicious, served chilled or piping hot and dressed lovely.

The only two detractors I’d say were that we had several people get lost trying to find the room since we were tucked so far in the back and there was such limited and very far away signage.  We asked the front desk to allow us a printed sign off the elevator and one additional with an arrow, but were told it wasn’t permitted.  That was a little bit not our favorite – but that was a front desk issue.  Once they did find us – each nurse felt like they were enjoying a fancy dinner/night out and for that I thank you immensely!

Our stay wasn’t as happy, but I know the hotel is undergoing some changes so some is to be expected.  My bedding was clean, the carpeting a little suspect, and my tv didn’t work.  Happily upon calling I did have a maintenance man within 5 minutes who fixed it immediately.  I was in room 259.  The exterior door leading to the parking lot was stuck and there wasn’t a card reader & someone coming in at the same time as me just showed me how to pull it hard and it opened – so for someone (like me) with a safety hot button, it was a bit uncomfortable.

I’m not sure we’ll be back staying at the hotel until renovations are complete but for sure we’ll be hosting every meeting/dinner event with you & your staff.  Please let me know where I can write a review(s) and please give my most sincere appreciation to the chef and your staff for a beautiful and delicious successful event!  Thank you for your partnership with creating this dinner and working with us on our tiny budget!  I am so happy to have a great contact in Fayetteville!


You were the best. We couldn’t have ask for a more professional and friendly Staff. Everyone was very helpful by ensuring that 189th CSSB Ball was a success. Tammy you were excellent and you paid attention to detail and helped me out so much. We couldn’t have asked for a better event coordinator. We definitely will be utilizing the hotel again. Everyone that was at the ball talked about how beautiful everything was. We owe it all to you and your staff and our lovely decorator Lnye Rigdell. Thanks again for the great hospitality. The 189th CSSB truly enjoyed the great service. Have a wonderful day !


I wanted to take a minute to congratulate and thank you and your team for a job well done last Friday night.   When the Fayetteville Area Plumbing Contractor’s Association arrived with our guests for our annual Ladies Night event, our room was decorated beautifully.  You could tell that a lot of thought was put into it.

In addition to starting the evening with a great first impression, the fruit display was gorgeous, the dinner buffet was very good (would love to have the scalloped potato recipe!) and the service team did an absolutely outstanding job.

We could not have asked for more!  Kudos to your entire team!!


These are only a few of the wonderful words our clients have showered is with. Thank you for making our jobs worthwhile! If you haven’t experienced any of our event planning, stop by and see what we can do for you!



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